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Some bloody Major Alenko for kaidaned 
It’s been a long time coming… Almost there.

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It would also help if someone doesn’t have the sharpen all action to do ctrl + f but make sure to have the sharpen function as one first. Like you have to do one as sharpen and then do the rest of the frames as ctrl + f.

That too! All in all, leave the complicated tricks until you’re comfortable with the basics xD to try and learn both at the same time will just slow you down!


What do you use to make gifs? :) I’m considering making some of my own, seeing as there is a sore shortage of gifs for the Other Bobinski (from Coraline). Is it a difficult task?

I use photoshop CS6 and .mp4 footage, nothing else c: I know some people use screenshots instead but I just find it to be a bigger hassle than a simple video.

I wouldn’t say that it’s hard - it’s just time consuming, especially in the beginning in which you’re still not used to motions and little tricks you pick up with time. I learned in a couple days, I’m sure anyone else can too with some tutorials c: only thing that would make it harder is not having any experience with photoshop - that will inevitably make things complicated!

May + Skye

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>starts gifset
>first gif comes out real good, with a nice coloring
>watch the remaining nine go in the completely opposite DIRECTION


episode 12


*takes mirror selfies in front of every side of the house*

Anonymous: that thing your professor did seems really really unethical!! D: Is there no way to report him?? because that seems like a breach of your privacy.

There probably is but I don’t think I want to report him :c for two reasons, really:

  1. he’s my teacher in most of my classes this year - I report him and I might be facing the school year of HELL;
  2. he’s also that one person who oversees the ENTIRETY of my major - meaning, he has a hand on ALL the classes and other teachers.

If I piss him off real badly, I might screw myself royally :c even tho it’s bullshit cos I’m right and he fucked up but we all know how these things work.


i didn’t realize how badly i needed an infinite loop of nicki minaj and ellen degeneres saying different words for booty until suddenly i had it.


Final Fantasy Meme - nine quotes » Let’s Mosey!

— Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII {9.9}


big happy family 

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that is not okay at all….

No, it isn’t :c but if I say anything, I mighty blow my chances of still being placed in the subject I chose.