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we were AVALANCHE.


do you ever hear the intro theme to a video game and you get really emotional and your heart feels really weak like it’s coming back home and it’s basically like that whole world you love so much summed up into one epic song and you just want to fucking cry a lot because this is the video game for you and nothing else ever can even compare to the feeling you get when you hear that one fucking bit of music


lmao i was stupidly proud of him here because i know we’re all like what a damn nerd haha he wants 2 b hokage after all hes done god forbid 

but man his intentions are so pure it hurts me he doesnt think of himself but his family and his brother’s ideals he’s SO naive he’s still a child.. face pressed to the ground covered in blood and hes still going.. i can’t die because i want to create a better world 

this is some real naruto level determination here clutching the ground falling into the dirt and repeatedly trying to claw his way to madara like.. god……. im so sad


when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag




Literally me


also kids shouldnt be scared of their parents. theres a difference between “im not gonna do this bad thing because i respect my parents and i dont want to disappoint them” and “im not gonna do this bad thing because im scared of what my parents will do to me if i do”


[  ] single

[  ] taken

[x] stuck romancing the same asshole in a bioware game for the 900th time


parks and effectriation

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns


If Shingeki no Kyojin had the same documentary format as The Office or Parks, Eren would be that gifable character that everyone just loves on tumblr because he’s just so pissed like all the time, especially at Annie. Like everything she says annoys him. 


Reblog if your summer didn’t go anywhere near as planned

"I heard stories of the infamous Anne Bonny and Mary Read, taking on the King’s Navy together. Just the pair of you.”
"It’s all true."

just rejected both liara AND ashley, all in one talk

like sorry gurls

this booty is saving itself for some canadian bacon

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